Education for Zero Waste and Circular Economy is an Erasmus+ project that aims to fill a gap in Vocational Education and Training and create new training course focusing on Waste and Circular Economy, and developing interdisciplinary skills needed for new jobs in the area. The international consortium from nine European countries under the coordination of Developmental Center of Thessaly, AKETH-DCT, is responsible for the production of four Intellectual outputs: an interactive platform, comprising a Knowledge Hub, an Online Course and a Diagnosis Tool.

The EduZWaCE platform is developed on the open source of Moodle, an e-learning platform designed to provide trainers, administrators and learners with a reliable, secure and integrated system of personalized learning environments. Moodle is provided freely as Open Source software that anyone can adapt, extend or modify for commercial or non-commercial projects without any licensing fees, and benefit from the cost-efficiencies and flexibility. The possibilities of the open source learning management system will be used in the EduZWaCE platform by a modular approach to use exactly those features which are fulfilling the multifunctional and collaborative needs in the area of administration, the platform itself and the course content.